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Training Request Form
Tribal Injury Prevention Resource Center


How U?




Thank you for contacting the Tribal Injury Prevention Resource Center (TIPRC). The TIPRC provides training to the federally recognized Tribes in the United Nations in the areas of motor vehicle safety. We are currently focusing on occupant protection (car safety seats and seat belt use).


The TIPRC staff includes three Tribal Traffic Safety Specialist (TTSS): Jerrod Moore (Mountain Time Zone, Alaska, and Eastern Time Zone), Jodee Dennison (Pacific Time Zone and Eastern Time Zone), and Tabatha Harris (Central Time Zone and Eastern Time Zone).  We at TIPRC are happy to assist you with your training request. The TIPRC provides training based on training request. To schedule a training we require minimum of five students to be  registered and in attendance for the training to be offered. You're welcome to contact and work with any TTSS you chose to. 


Training Request Form Instructions: To select a specific TTSS to work with please check the box located by the  TTSS's name. Please provide your contact information so we can contact you to follow up with the training  request. Please select the training topic you have an interest in. If you do not see a training topic listed please select other and provide the training topic. In the training request description section please provide details of your training request and the best time to contact you for a follow up. 



Pesa Mu!


(Thank You)

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