The TIPRC offers technical assistance to all Federally Recognized Tribal Nations in the United States. Technical assistance can be completed via email, in-person, organized meetings, telecommunication, or web platforms (Skype/Zoom). All techncail assistance is provided by one of our highly qualified Tribal Traffic Safety Specialists.  Key areas of technical assistance provision are listed below.  If you have any questions regarding technical assistance please contact the Tribal Injury Prevention Resource Center or a Tribal Traffic Safety Specialist (information can be found on the Program Contact Directory Page).


Assist with CPS Car Seat Check Points (Serve as CPSTs)

Any of our TA providers can serve as technicians or instructors for seat sign offs at a car seat checkpoint. We can also assist you in planning your event and locating resources to make your checkpoint as successful as possible.

Local surveillance of MVC data (injuries, fatalities, CRS use/misuses, and seat belt usage)

We can aid with locating MVC data through one of the 12 Tribal Epidemiology centers or by gathering your community’s own data.

Database development and management

As database development and management is a vital part to injury surveillance, we can provide assistance in setting up databases to house your tribal data through direct service or by providing resources and referrals to local agencies who may also assist.

Assessment development and implementation

Assessment is pivotal in intervention strategy selection. We can provide assistance in assessment design, delivery, and analysis to guide your program in appropriate intervention selection, data collection, policy change, marketing, etc.

Resources for best practices for Tribal motor vehicle injury prevention and safety

TIPRC specialists can provide several resources for tribal communities to aid in implementing evidence-based practices in their community. We can illustrate what has worked in other tribal communities, and help tailor evidence-based strategies to fit your community.

Tribal plan and policy development for motor vehicle safety

TIPRC’s specialist can assist you in safety plan development—specifically in including public health based strategies into your tribal safety plan. We can provide guidance and assist you in facilitating policy and ordinance change in your community where applicable.

Partnership development

Partnership is a cornerstone of injury prevention. Our specialists can help identify key partners/stakeholders for program planning, delivery and evaluation. We can also aid in identifying strategies and methods for partner/stakeholder engagement.

Tools and document development to support program operations (Ex: Car Seat Applications or Checkpoint Templates)

When programming planning, it is paramount a program have eligibility forms, waivers, data collection forms, etc. If you need help developing documents to support program operations, TIPRC can help. We can provide you with templates, resources, and one-on-one assistance to meet your program needs.

Identifying Funding Opportunities: For Tribal Injury Prevention Programs or Projects

Need help locating child passenger safety funds or motor vehicle safety programming funds? Through technical assistance the TIPRC provides a service of helping Tribal Nations identify and locate funding opportunities for injury prevention and motor vehicle safety. The TIPRC’s staff continuously review funding opportunities at the local, state, and federal level. You can subscribe to the TIPRC’s email list serve to receive announcements or notices of upcoming funding opportunities as well. You may also contact one of the TIPRC’s Tribal Traffic Safety Specialist directly to request a one-on-one technical assistance with locating funding opportunities for your Tribe’s motor vehicle safety, Tribal transportation, or injury prevention program’s needs.


To request Technical Assistance (TA), please fill out the TA request form by choosing an option below and select a Tribal Traffic Safety Specialist to assist with your TA request.

Submit a Technical Assistance request online.

Contact a Tribal Traffic Safety Specialist directly. 



If a Tribal Nation or Tribal Program has a interest in a specific topic that is not listed as an existing area of  technical assistance (TA), please document the topic of interest as “other” on the technical assistance request form. Then provide a description of the topic and any additional information to help us understand your unique request.  The Tribal Traffic Safety Specialist will do their best to fulfill the technical assistance request or utilize a partnership to complete the TA request.