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Social Media Fact Sheets and Infographics

The TIPRC would love for you to download and share the fact sheets and infographics that were created by the TIPRC team. If you would like to adapt any of the infographics or fact sheets to fit your Tribal community’s needs, please contact us at the TIPRC to provide you with templates or technical assistance to develop the materials for you.  

Debuting our 2021 Social Media Calendar

The TIPRC has created a 2021 social media calendar to share with you! This calendar is designed to help traffic safety practitioners develop unique and cultural relevant safety campaigns for their Tribal communities.Please join us by sharing our safety messages with your Tribal communities throughout the year or contact the TIPRC team to see how we can customize these messages to meet your needs. Be sure to check out the TIPRC's social media for our upcoming traffic safety campaigns and info graphics!

Feel free to re-share, re-post, and download! #TIPRC 

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