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Safe Kids Re-certification Due Dates

Updated: Mar 5, 2021


The TIPRC team wants to remind you to be mindful of your re-certification process and due date. Don’t let COVID-19 distract you from meeting your re-certification requirements. Below is a message from Safe Kids Worldwide regarding re-certification extended due dates. 

COVID-19 Update: CPST Extensions  Safe Kids Certification continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation, like all of you. To help ease concerns and anxiety, we processed a series of extensions for CPSTs. If your certification expiration date was originally March 11-September 30, please log into your online profile for your new date. ​

  • On March 11, every CPST with a March 11-June 15 certification expiration date was extended to June 30.

  • On April 4, every CPST with a June certification expiration date (includes every tech in the first extension) was extended 4 months.

  • On April 4, every CPST with a July, August or September certification expiration date was extended 3 months.

If you are ready to re-certify but can no longer do so due to the extension (more than 4 months away), please contact us by email or phone (202-875-6330). We will change your certification expiration date to the end of the month, and you will be able to complete your re-certification. If you need additional time for your seat checks, enter your other requirements and then email us with your plan on completing the seat checks (so we know how much time is requested).  We are happy to provide modest extensions for instructors to earn their 20 required teaching hours. In order to help, please enter your seat checks, CEUs and Community Education and then email us your plans on how you will earn the hours (so we know how much time you need). If you need time to come up with a plan, just let us know.  Thank you for your ongoing dedication.


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