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National Safety Month

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

A message from Julie Trischler of Nationwide Children's Hopsital re: National Safety Month:

Dear Colleagues, 

In honor of National Safety Month, Prevent Child Injury has released an updated toolkit on why injury prevention matters. During the week of June 3-9, we're asking members and others to talk to their communities about unintentional injury and the need for everyone to pitch in to keep children safer. This toolkit features two options for a newsletter/blog, social media posts, a sample letter to the editor, graphics, and an online quiz. The toolkit also contains a list of trusted resources from other groups, making it easy to find great materials to share with the communities you work with. After our designated outreach week(June 3-9), please feel free to use these materials as needed.

Why Injury Prevention Matters toolkit link:

Please share this email with others in your network who work with children and families. (Not a Prevent Child Injury member? Join here to get early access to upcoming toolkits and other announcements:

Thank you! 

Julie Tritschler

Julie Tritschler, MPH, CHES®

Program Coordinator

Center for Injury Research and Policy

Abigail Wexner Research Institute

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Phone: 614-355-5861


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